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002 - shirley with winning painting - Boyd & Billy

Shirley displays multi-award-winning painting, Boyd & Billy

003 - shirley with painting of Leland

Shirley displays blue ribbon-winning painting of her husband, Leland

004 - shirley with another winner

Shirley won a blue ribbon for her painting of her late grandson Jay

005 - shirley with painting of Leland and pup

Shirley’s portrait of husband Leland and their family pet was a prize-winner

006 - shirley with winning sunflower

A Kansas sunflower scored a blue ribbon for Shirley

007 - shirley with painting of her son greg

Shirley won a blue ribbon for this portrait of her youngest son, Greg

008 - shirley with painting of glenn and oria

Another blue ribbon for Shirley. This time, for her portrait of her middle son, Glenn, and her granddaughter, Oria

009 - shirley's painting, rose mother's peace, was a prizewinner in 2008 - Copy

Rose – Mother’s Peace – a blue ribbon-winner for Shirley

010 - shirley's winning rooster painting

Mr. Rooster scored Shirley a blue ribbon

011 - shirley with painting of granddaughter oria

A portrait of granddaugher Oria won Shirley a blue ribbon

012 - shirley with painting of horse

This painting of oldest son, Lee, saddling-up Ice, won Shirly a ribbon

013 - shirley with a first place winner

A blue ribbon for Shirley

014 - shirley with painting of snowy scene

A snowy landscape scored Shirley a blue ribbon

015 - shirley with picture of horse in woods

A horse in the woods, by Shirley

016 - shirley with gorgeous garden painting

A vividly painted garden, displayed by Shirley

017 - shirley with grand canyon

Her masterpiece – Shirley poses with her award-winning Grand Canyon

018 - shirley with painting

Another award-winning landscape by Shirley

019 - shirley with prize winner

Another winner by Shirley

020 - shirley with prize winning and baby makes three

And Baby Makes Three – an award-winning painting by Shirley Alexander

021 - shirley with beautiful landscape

Shirley with her beautiful, award-winning landscape

022 - shirley with winner

Farm Life, an award-winner by Shirley

023 - shirley with another blue ribbon

Shirley displays another blue ribbon award winnner

029 - beaumont treasure wins a prize

Beaumont Treasuer, by Leland Alexander, won a well-deserved ribbon

028 - shirley visits kansas governor bill graves

Shirley goes to Topeka – a meeting with former Kansas Governor Bill Graves

027 - shirley can't hide her talent with this forest scene

Shirley can’t hide her talent behind this award-winning forest scene

026 - shirley with snowy mountains winner

A breathtaking vista – courtesy of Shirley Alexander

025 - shirley with big cats

Shirley of the jungle – hear me roar!

024 - shirley with gold ribbon winner

Award-winning water tower, courtesy of Shirley Alexander

030 - shirley's painting of granddaughter oria won a blue ribbon

Shirley’s painting of granddaughter oria won a blue ribbon

031 - shirley's boyd & billy won multiple ribbons

Shirley’s painting of Boyd & Billy won multiple ribbons

032 - leland's painting took first place

Leland’s landscape took first place

033 - leland's forest scene won multiple ribbons

Another award-winning forest scene by Leland

034 - leland's paiting wins a blue ribbon

Leland displays his adept work with the palette knife

035 - leland's log cabin painting gets a blue ribbon

Leland’s log cabin painting gets a blue ribbon

036 - another blue ribbon for leland

Another blue ribbon for Leland

040 - shirley's beautiful portrait of a little girl

Shirley displays her award-winning portrait of a little girl

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