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Lodge Pole Pine tables can be ordered in any size or any height


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Lodge Pole Pine Furniture

The story of Lodge Pole Pine Furniture begins in the Colorado forest, a place where Leland Alexander likes to hike. His home away from home, these pristine woods are where Leland gets much of the inspiration for his art – both his paintings and his furniture.

The process for creating Lodge Pole Pine Furniture is fascinating - first, he searches for the perfect downed trees. Not any tree will do – it has to be strong and durable, like the singular pieces he creates. Years of experience have honed his keen vision of exactly which trees will do - which one has the right curve for a headboard or the correct thickness for a table. Just as each piece of furniture Leland creates is unique, so are the requirements and standards for the wood he uses. Once he has gathered a large load of just the right trees and pieces of wood, he loads them onto his trailer and he pulls his load back home to Kansas.

Once home, Leland goes straight to his wood shop and begins processing each piece; hand-scraping the wood used for beds and straight legs, while other flat pieces are planed down to the desired measurements. Using hand tools, he carves and shapes every piece to fit together perfectly. Drawers and chests are often lined with cedar, and handles and drawer pulls are sometimes made from deer antlers. One of his most personal creations: he made a complete matching set of bedroom furniture out of aspen wood for his granddaughter, because her name was Aspen.

Through the years, Leland has handcrafted complete bedroom sets, as well as beds, nightstands, dressers, end tables, coffee tables, wine cabinets, vanities complete with mirrors, bookcases, barstools, television stands/media storage units, hall coat trees with mirrors, chairs, benches, picture frames – the list goes on and on. If you have an idea, Leland can make it. Please take a minute and browse through the gallery of Leland’s exquisite furniture. If you like what you see, go to the Contact page to reach out to Leland for prices and more information…